United States based buyers

Buyers based in the U.S. or buyers with bank accounts in the U.S. will need to set up their own account on Bill.com, our payment portal. With this account, buyers can pay invoices, set up auto-pay, pay ahead, and track payment history. JOBOMAX’s customer support team is available to help with account set-up and other troubleshooting. If you are looking for help getting started, look at this user guide!

Buyers based outside the United States

JOBOMAX buyers living outside of the U.S. are recommended to use Wise.com to make all payments. Wise has low fees and the most competitive exchange rate. In some cases, a bank might offer ultra-low and free international bank transfers, but this is not necessarily the cheapest option. Banks may have an inflated exchange rate that is much worse than the low fees that Wise may charge. JOBOMAX even uses Wise for international transfers. 


To avoid falling behind on payments by guessing the USD amount, set up an account and pay the exact USD amount written on your invoice. Here’s our Wise user guide to help you get started!

Open the Bill.com user guide
Open the Wise user guide