Our locations in West Africa

Whether you see yourself surrounded by mountains or mangrove trees, close to the city or nestled in the quiet countryside, we have the right location for you in one of our planned communities.

For your peace of mind, each of our neighborhood locations are carefully selected using specific criteria, including our rigorous 56-point land title checklist. No matter where you choose, rest assured that your Jobomax home is built to the highest standards in a well-designed community.

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Our four developments in Guinea are located in the lush, peaceful suburbs of Conakry, each within easy reach of the city via the newly-renovated N1 highway. Enjoy the city bustle whenever you like; then return to the calm and quiet of home, where cooling night breezes await.

Our very first homebuilding project, this beautiful residential development features our Chicago and Philadelphia models.

Nestled beside a mangrove estuary, this popular community also includes parcels set aside for green space and retail shops.

This tranquil neighborhood near our Doumbouyah City community offers a wide array of housing models to choose from.

This new neighborhood is already in high demand for its peaceful location, mountain views, and easy access to two national highways.

Sierra Leone

Located in the Freetown suburbs, our Sierra Leone development is surrounded by natural springs and offers beautiful mountain views. Whether you’re looking to move back home, reconnect with your African roots, or make a prudent investment, home ownership in Sierra Leone is easy with Jobomax Homes. 

Our first community in fast-growing Newton is planned as a cul-de-sac of 25 homes, each of remarkable quality. Discover our four available housing models, each of which is available in Standard and Luxe options.


Come home to the land that welcomes you back. Our Ghana neighborhood is located in a quiet suburb of Accra, allowing you to partake in the city’s cultural riches, then return home to the serenity and comfort you and your family deserve.

Homes in this master planned enclave enjoy all the comforts of this gated community, including tarred roads, a clubhouse, shopping, and dining. It’s the ideal live-work-play satellite city just north of Accra.

Côte d’Ivoire (coming soon)

Our planned development in the Abidjan suburbs will allow you to build the high-quality home you’ve dreamed of – at a lower price than you dared to imagine. We’re excited to share the news of our forthcoming project. Stay tuned by signing up for updates or contact us to learn more.

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Read customers’ frequently asked questions about building with Jobomax Homes.

Based on location, model, floor plan, and options, our current models range from US $42,000 to $250,000. Your price includes:

  • The land, including verified title. Most parcels are 400-500 square meters (20m x 20-25m) or, for twin-style homes, 250 square meters (10m x 25m).
  • Building materials, labor, oversight, and design.
  • Security service during construction. (After move-in, payment for security services is the homeowner’s responsibility.)
  • Electricity setup. All our finished homes come fully wired for electric service and, at select locations, hookup to electric service. (After move-in, payment for electricity service is the homeowner’s responsibility.)
  • Water setup. All of our finished homes have plumbing and, at select locations, are connected to pressurized water service. (After move-in, payment for water service is the homeowner’s responsibility.)

Based on the model and features you select, construction typically takes 5-12 months. We occasionally have homes available that are either finished or nearly complete, which may be delivered in as little as 1-3 months.

For Financed Home Sales, you will get the keys to your new house when all four of the following conditions are met:

  • Your deposit balance is at least 30% of the price of the home.
  • You have been approved for financing.
  • You have completed at least 3 monthly payments on schedule.
  • The house construction is complete and you have approved the inspection.

For Cash Home Sales, keys are provided and title is transferred after construction is complete, the inspection has been approved, and the final payment is received.

Once you have fully paid the balance on the home, you will receive your title (Titre Foncier). Financing contracts provide up to 12 years to pay the balance, but most clients choose to pay off their homes faster in order to save on financing charges and secure the title sooner.

Yes! Our office staff in Guinea warmly invites you or your family and friends to visit the construction site and model homes. Click here to arrange a private tour.