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We make it easier to buy a home in West Africa. Whether you live in the region or are a member of the diaspora looking to connect with your roots, we are here to serve your housing needs. With Jobomax, you get quality construction, secure and responsible management of your investment, and – if you need it and qualify – financing to help you comfortably afford your dream home.

Should you choose to finance your home, we make it easy and safe. In fact, after Jobomax saw the lack of access to financing faced by our buyers, we were inspired to help, first by establishing US-Africa Housing Finance (USAHF), which has provided millions in housing finance; and then by helping to build Kola Global, a platform that enables housing finance across multiple builders, buyers, countries and financing institutions. We are homebuilders, but we are also passionate about financial inclusion.

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Building a home with Jobomax is straightforward. Get the keys to your new dream home with a few simple steps.

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