The most exciting model JOBOMAX is offering, the Richmond model is initially only available in Sierra Leone.  JOBOMAX is so happy to be able to build a quality home at an affordable price.  It is a two bedroom, one bathroom semi-detached home on a 200 SM lot.  The house features an integrated solar lighting system that will provide interior lighting and one phone charging port.  It is a simple house but features wiring for eventual grid connection and plumbing for eventual connection to pressurized water. There are two upgraded versions, the Standard and the Family, which offer a variety of features for every family. 


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Where is Richmond Gardens located? Richmond Gardens is located about 1 kilometer from our Newton Springs development in Newton, Western Area. It is a 15 minute drive to Waterloo. Click here to see the location on Google Maps.


Is it possible to combine the two sides into one big unit? We have a couple options to join the two sides. However, some of these options are limited to cash buyers only (those paying the full amount before construction is completed). Give us a call to learn more about these options.


Is there interior access to the bathroom? The floor plan allows for bathroom access from the back terrace. There are modifications that can be made on the Family version only to include interior access. There will be a modification fee associated with this customization.


Which version is shown in the video walkthrough? The video shows the Essential version with a couple of Standard features in the bathroom. The goal of the video is to show the size and layout. Essential and Standard versions are the same size, while the Family is one meter wider in each unit to allow for bigger bedrooms.


What are the extra finishes on the walls and floors in the Standard and Family? The Standard does not come with any floor or wall finishes, such as paint or tiles. The Family comes with painted exterior walls and a tiled shower floor. The idea behind the minimal finishes is to deliver a house at a more affordable price and allow the owner to add customized finishes on their own timeline and budget.


Do Standard and Family versions include solar and grid hookups? Will the homes have plugs/outlets for different appliances?(e.g. TV, computers, etc) The Standard and Family both come with 24V DC solar power that will power lights and a couple charging ports for phones. The solar panel cannot handle TVs or appliances. The Family version also comes with electrical AC wiring to hook up to a generator or grid power to run bigger appliances. The Essential does not include the solar panels or lighting, but they can be added for $1,000.


The area seems very remote, but will there be other Richmond homes right next to it and form a neighborhood? We are building a neighborhood of 26 units in a growing residential area. You will have plenty of neighbors that will build a secure community.


In the neighborhood, would the roads be paved or gravel in some way? There will be leveled dirt roads. See the site plan for reference. The access road to the site is a semi-major through road that will be leveled. The local council is currently upgrading the bridge.


Is there a kitchen? There is only a kitchen sink on the back terrace in the Family version. The back terrace is ideal for charcoal or wood cooking. We are offering an option of an interior kitchen (counter and sink only) for a fee in the Family version only.


Family model mentions connection to pressure water, is that via a water tank? Is the water tank only available in the Family? There is a well, water tower and treatment system for the entire neighborhood. The Family version comes with private hookup to the water system and a meter. Essential and Standard can hook up to the treated water system for $1,500. 


For the wooden window panels, is it possible to replace those? The Essential comes with wooden shutters. The Standard and Family come with vinyl windows.