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Doumbouyah City, Coyah Ville, Rep. de Guinée

Our second project in Guinea launched late 2015, the Doumbouyah job site has more than 50 parcels well situated next to the mangrove estuary. In an overall space of 26,600 square meters, we are building more than 70 homes including the Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Columbus and Philadelphia models. We have also set aside some parcels for a small commercial center, and some others for green community space.

Project Details


1er Mars, 2016


Individuals in the diaspora and resident in Guinea.




American Homebuilders of Guinée


DINA SARL (Conakry) & Turro Design (Abidjan)

Projet Gallery

Doumbouyah Scene 01
Doumbouyah Scene 02
Doumbouya Scene 03

Devis Rapide

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