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The statements and projections contained in the articles and newsletters linked here are based on a number of assumptions and estimates concerning facts and events over which neither the Company nor its management will have control, and which, if they change, could produce results significantly different from those set forth in the forecasted financial statements and projections. These assumptions are based upon an estimate of the timing and success of our future sales efforts, acceptance of our products and services, our ability to gain consumer acceptance of our products, proper and timely construction and sale of our homes, expenditures for operating expenses, gross profit margins and general industry conditions. These forecasts and projections were not prepared with a view toward compliance with published guidelines of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, any regulatory agency or professional body or generally accepted accounting principles nor has any independent expert reviewed those forecasts or projections. Accordingly, these forecasts and projections may not and should not be relied upon to indicate the actual results to be obtained. ALTHOUGH THE COMPANY AND ITS MANAGEMENT BELIEVE THE ASSUMPTIONS UNDERLYING THE STATEMENTS AND PROJECTIONS CONTAINED IN THESE NEWSLETTERS AND ARTICLES TO BE REASONABLE, FUTURE RESULTS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO PREDICT WITH CERTAINTY AND NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND IS MADE BY THE COMPANY OR ITS MANAGEMENT OR OFFICERS OR BY ANY OTHER PERSON, RESPECTING THOSE STATEMENTS AND PROJECTIONS OR THE UNDERLYING ASSUMPTIONS. PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS ARE URGED TO CONSULT THEIR OWN ADVISORS WITH RESPECT TO THOSE STATEMENTS AND PROJECTIONS AND THE ASSUMPTIONS UPON WHICH THEY ARE PREDICATED.