What Our Clients Say.

“I recommend – strictly, truly, without exaggeration – I recommend American Homebuilders, based on the experience I have had with them. It’s a good thing for us in the diaspora because you can work over here, you are relaxed, and you are investing in your country.”


I spent three different vacations in Guinea trying to get property. Each time, I spent the entire trip in disputes around ownership of land that I was trying to secure. Now, every day, I open my computer and look at the photos of my house built by AHWA. This makes me so happy. They are always available, respectful, and make me feel at ease. They are there for me, and that means a lot.


“They want their clients to be satisfied … they take care of everything … you can follow it from a distance with the videos, photos, emails, phone calls – you are kept up to date on the progress all the way to the completion of your home … you don’t need to buy land, hire a project manager, audit the operations, or anything – they do everything and then give you the key to your house.”